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How to Spot the Warning Signs of Child Abuse

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By Rita Rippentrop, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

For the majority of us, home is somewhere we are excited to return to at the end of the day. It is a place where we feel loved, respected and safe to be ourselves.… Read the rest →

Finding Faith While Healing From Childhood Abuse: A Podcast From Moody Radio Featuring Ashley Schmutzer

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“When you have even just one person that believes in you and says: ‘You can do this. Keep on going,’ … it makes all the difference.” – Ashley Schmutzer

How do we find God amidst the chaos of family relationships? How do we love Him and trust Him when our childhoods can be so raw, and we endured a lot of what no child should experience?… Read the rest →

Defining Dissociation and Reconnecting With Reality

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What is Dissociation?

When people hear me say the word “dissociation”, they look at me like they should respond with “gesundheit!” When I go on to explain what it means, they often look steadily more disturbed until I get to the end.… Read the rest →

Spotting the Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse (part 2)

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by Ashley Schmutzer, MA, LPC

What can one do if they suspect child sexual abuse? The best course of action is to talk to your child directly. But in doing this, make sure your child feels safe by creating a comfortable and appropriate atmosphere for the discussion.Read the rest →