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Overcoming Challenges in Perfectionism

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perfectionismAs college students are entering their campuses either for the first time or returning back to their post-secondary aspirations, recent studies are confirming that young people are embracing more perfectionistic tendencies within the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom than ever before.Read the rest →

How to Take Control of Automatic Thoughts

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By Aubrey Morris, Licensed Professional Counselor


How often do you think of things that you “should” or “have to” do? I’m not talking about taking a shower, going to school, or paying your bills. No, I mean thoughts like, “I have to be perfect”, “I should not make mistakes”, “I should not need help”, “I should be happy all of the time”, “I have to ______”…fill in the blank.… Read the rest →

Dealing with Perfectionism: Perfection is the Enemy of the Good

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Many of us often have trouble settling for good enough. More often than not, we want things to be perfect, or at least an idealized image of what we think is perfection. Whether you’re trying to write up a flawless report at the office, or you’ve been slaving over a painting in your free time—you can make yourself crazy trying to make everything absolutely perfect.… Read the rest →