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When Two Parents Become One

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By Billy Weaks MA, Licensed Professional Counselor 

Parenting is tough.

As parents, we know raising children isn’t easy. As they grow older, they begin to reflect the behavior they see, so we watch what we call that driver in front of us and keep looking for ways to help our neighbors, because our kids pick up on everything. What happens though, when the parenting becomes a one-person job? The difficult task of parenting becomes even harder.

Being a kid is even tougher.

Whether it’s because of divorce, death, or something else entirely, being a single parent changes things. The sense of safety and identity kids felt when their parents were together is suddenly challenged. They wonder things like “Who’s coming to my game? Who’s picking me up from school? Will Mom be there before my first date? Who will teach me to shave? Is Dad going to get off work in time?”

 In these situations, what was normal for our children is shattered. Their uncertainty and search for security and identity can lead to anxiety, depression, delinquency, troubles in school, difficulty building or maintaining relationships, and even drug and alcohol use.

Going from childhood to adulthood is a lengthy, complicated transition. And when a sudden shift to their support system is brought to the table, it can be overwhelming. Some kids handle things better and want to talk them through. Some won’t know what to say, or how to say it. Others wont feel like they can share, like it’s their fault, or that they will only add to the struggles.

We’re here if you need us.

Here at Stenzel Clinical Services, we can help children and teens to identify these feelings and concerns. We can aid them in strengthening their essential senses of self and security. We can help to establish a new normal. We’re here to help with the difficult process of growing up, and to provide a foundation for future happiness and success.