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Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: (Part I of II)

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By Natalie Stage, MA Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Postpartum isn’t just depression.

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

Postpartum depression is the most commonly known term for an illness that a mother can experience after birth, but did you know that there are many forms of illness mothers experience during the pregnancy and following it?… Read the rest →

7 Questions to Ask Before You Pop the Question (or Answer It)

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Proposal in the street man asking marry to his girlfriendBy Natalie Stage, MA Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Will you marry me? There are few questions that have more potential to change your life forever. Despite the romantic trappings, marriage proposals often cause a lot of anxiety. The decision to marry someone can be difficult and the process should not be taken lightly.… Read the rest →

Have You Ever Grieved What You Never Had?

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NatalieStage_bioBy Natalie Stage, MA Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

When people think about grief, they typically think about the sorrow associated with losing a loved one. This is a very common type of grief that all of us will experience at some point in our lives, but it is not the only occasion that can cause sadness, pain and a sense of loss.… Read the rest →