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How to Put a Positive Spin on Your Marriage

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Successful marriage

According to Newton, an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an external force. How does this apply to a marriage? Once a spouse is firmly entrenched in a negative state of mind, it is quite difficult for them to move from it.… Read the rest →

How to Handle Conflict with Your Spouse

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Every marriage, from healthy to unhealthy ones, experience fights and arguments. Here are some easy ways you can resolve fights faster and come out stronger on the other side.… Read the rest →

Forgiveness: Finding Healing Six-Week Program to Learning Forgiveness

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cara-jonesWhen you have been hurt or wounded by a difficult transgression, it can be hard to forgive. Through this six-week course, we will learn to forgive more thoroughly by aligning our hearts with God’s forgiving heart.

The “Forgiveness: Finding Healing” workshop will help each of us become a more forgiving person by focusing on a single hurt and learning a method of forgiveness that can be applied to others.… Read the rest →