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The Best Christmas Smells, Ranked by Stenzel Clinical Staff

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The Best Christmas Smells, Ranked by Stenzel Clinical Staff

Certain holiday lists are everywhere. The best Christmas song is debated all over the Internet (the obvious answer is “Silent Night,” by the way) and the best Christmas movie is as well (we’ve seen the ‘Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?’ debate ruin entire holidays).… Read the rest →

When to Give Grace (and When to Speak Truth) to a Depressed Loved One

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By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Living with depression is incredibly overwhelming. Despite the fact that over 16 million Americans suffer from it, it can be a dangerously solitary condition.

Source: Major Depression Among Adults


The key is to give someone who’s depressed small, measurable goals.… Read the rest →

Stenzel Clinical Services Makes Selecting a Therapist Easier

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Something in your life isn’t working and you’re ready to reach out for help.That decision alone is a major step towards feeling better. But the thought of picking a therapist can seem overwhelming. We understand that. That’s why we’ve launched a new search tool to help you select a therapist that will match your personality and needs.… Read the rest →

“Adolescents Affected By Divorce” Group to Start February 20th

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Divorce is difficult for children of all ages, but can be especially difficult for teenagers. A significant event, like a parent’s divorce or separation, can have a major effect on a teenager during this time in their life.

It is helpful for teens to have support in place to help them process their experience.… Read the rest →

Failure to Launch: When Adult Children Just Won’t Leave Home

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ID-100112495There’s no greater role you’ve played in your life than that of “Mom” or “Dad”. You love your children more than words could ever express. And you’d give anything to support them and be there for them with anything and everything they may need in this world.… Read the rest →

My Child is Off to College, and I’m not Coping Well

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By Ashley Schmutzer, MA, LPC

staff_ashleyFor many parents, this time of year signifies a huge change in their family dynamics, as they have a young adult that is heading off to college. While this can be a very exciting time, it can also feel overwhelming to the parents as they try to figure out what their role is now in their child’s life, and what to do with the loss that they feel.… Read the rest →