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Reminders for Your Teenager (and You) Before their First Date

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teenager first dateAh, young love. It’s a wonderful time filled with butterflies, hormones and almost unbelievable awkwardness. Wow. I’m thankful I aged out of it a long time ago, and I’m thankful my kids have nearly made it out as well.

Whether your kids are in the midst of dating for the first time or you’re here to prepare for the inevitable, you should know that it’s not easy to be the parent of a dating teenager.… Read the rest →

Youth and the Digital Age

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Deepak Santhiraj

By Deepak Santhiraj, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The Effect of Technology on Adolescents

In viewing the contemporary youth outlook in America, unique challenges kids face on a daily basis are apparent: conflicts with peers and parents combine with daily pressures to form a ceaseless helping of stress.Read the rest →

What’s Up With My Teen?: How Brain Development Affects Adolescent Behavior

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by Ryan Thill, LPC

Adolescence can be a time of joy, excitement, and trials. One moment adolescents can be wonderful individuals with incredible potential and the next, they can make an inexplicable decision. We all have been there where we look at our child and say ‘what were you thinking?’

Adolescents seem to make decisions void of any logic and parents are left wondering how they will keep their sanity.… Read the rest →