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Recovering Empathy in a Changing World – Part II

March 17th, 2021|

Current research supports that empathy has steadily declined among young people from 1979 onward, and you can read more about its diminishing quality on college campuses here.  Not only prized as part of a skill set and important value, empathy has already made a prominent appearance in various contexts with its international buzz status. Current research literature also highlights how building the capacity for empathy can have many prosocial [...]

Living Unhurried

March 17th, 2021|

In many dynamic ways, this season of the novel coronavirus has invited innovation at a deeper and more profound level. We have seen new ways to detect the temperature of individuals using a Bluetooth smart thermometer, burgeoning online teaching platforms to transmit information, and members of various societal organizations like the Toronto Symphony Orchestra that learned to perform together from 29 different locations using ingenuity from their smartphones. Innovation [...]

Acting on Personal Goals in a Meaningful Way

December 30th, 2020|

As we reflect on the past few weeks of a new year, it becomes important to know the “why” behind various goals that we set for a new season of our lives. Goal-setting becomes most meaningful when we sincerely identify moments in our past that caused us to experience coming alive and being most engaged. Behavioral science research currently indicates that knowing the “why” behind these goals is linked to [...]

Dealing with Irritability During COVID-19

December 14th, 2020|

Let's be humble and honest: COVID has been hard for all of us. I've noticed that I am much more irritable at times. I have been short-tempered at work, impatient with my family, and even fallen victim to road rage. How can we acknowledge that this irritability has affected all of us and take active steps to try and remedy it?Acknowledge Your FeelingsIt is okay to feel more annoyed than [...]

Regaining Self-Acceptance

December 8th, 2020|

As millions of Americans embrace the holiday season, it also becomes evident that the prevalence of loneliness seems to become acute among young adults. You can read more about the loneliness epidemic here. Key experts and healthcare leaders gathered together in our nation’s capital to address this growing epidemic, and you can watch it here. 19th Surgeon General Vivek Murthy cited that Americans are “facing an epidemic of loneliness and [...]

Are You Feeling Inadequate and Insecure?

December 2nd, 2020|

When was the last time you felt inadequate or insecure?  In the context of this question, the word inadequate refers to feeling that you are not good enough. Slightly different, the word insecure refers to not feeling confident in yourself. Both inadequacy and insecurity can revolve around how we look or how skilled we are in certain areas. Here are some examples of what I often hear:I’m not smart enough.I’m [...]

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