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How to beat the “Winter Blues” for Good

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seasonal affective disorderBy Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Are the dark, grim winter days getting you down? Are you dreaming of sunshine? Many living in the Midwest look forward to spring. However, for the 10 million Americans who suffer from Winter Depression, warm and sunny times cannot come quickly enough.… Read the rest →

Coping with Grief During the Holidays

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By Rita Rippentrop, MDiv Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

coping with grief

Getting through the holidays while grieving can be a big challenge. It’s common to get flooded with memories at holidays, and many worry about being a “downer” or crying at holiday gatherings, where there are expectations of good cheer.Read the rest →

Defining Dissociation and Reconnecting With Reality

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What is Dissociation?

When people hear me say the word “dissociation”, they look at me like they should respond with “gesundheit!” When I go on to explain what it means, they often look steadily more disturbed until I get to the end.… Read the rest →

Self-Harm: Why We Do It and How To Stop

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By Jennifer A. DuBos, MA LPC

The subject of self-injury, or cutting as most people generically refer to it, is something that can turn any parent’s stomach. We think “What could have happened to my child that would be bad enough to make her want to cut herself?”

Cutting, or self-injury, has seen a dramatic rise in occurrence and awareness over the last five years, but the practice of self-harm is by no means a new phenomenon.… Read the rest →