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How To Parent After A Divorce

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“I feel so bad I ruined my kids’ lives.”

At Stenzel Clinical, we hear that sentence a lot from parents battling divorce guilt. But remember this: Divorce doesn’t ruin kids. Bad parenting does. Good parents can raise amazing children, even after a marriage has come to an end.… Read the rest →

Helping People Navigate Successfully Through a Divorce

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Heads up, Christian counseling professionals! Grant Stenzel will present a free CEU event at Linden Oaks Outpatient Center on Friday, January 27.

The event, “Helping People Navigate Successfully Through a Divorce,” will discuss techniques for helping clients through this difficult time.… Read the rest →

Open and Honest: Keys to Family Success in Remarriage

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iStock_000007203609SmallThere’s nothing easy about divorce, especially when the marriage includes children. As life moves on and the healing process begins, many people begin to date and find happiness in a new relationship.

Yes, happiness is great. You’ve found love, support and a connection with someone, but how do your children feel?… Read the rest →

Navigating Each Hard Turn of Divorce

by Steve Wright, LPC

Divorce is one of the most painful of human experiences. It has been compared with the grief and pain of the death of a spouse. Indeed, the death of the relationship to the person one intended to spend the rest of life with is something that really must be grieved.… Read the rest →