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What Is the Parent’s Role When Their Child is in Counseling?

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By Billy Weaks, MA Licensed Professional Counselor

Over the past few years I have worked with many children, on issues such as anger management, depression, anxiety amongst others, and whether the child is 8 or 18, being able to effectively and appropriately communicate what they are thinking and feeling is one of my primary goals.… Read the rest →

What To Expect When Your Child Goes To Therapy

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If you think your child might need a therapist, you may have hesitated in the past because you weren’t sure exactly what to expect. So we wanted to create a video that takes a look at what parents (and kids) can expect from their sessions.… Read the rest →

“Is This Just a Phase?” – Tips to Help Decide If Your Child Needs Counseling

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achurchillBy: Amy Churchill

One if the most common questions I hear from parents is: “How do I know if this is just a phase?”.

Whether it’s regarding tantrums, separation anxiety, sleep disruptions, hyperactivity, attention seeking or any other undesirable behavior- parents often struggle with knowing if and when such issues will pass by themselves, or if it is time to bring their kids to counseling.… Read the rest →