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Our Therapists’ Favorite Self-Care Reminders

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Life gets overwhelming from time to time.

In those moments, it’s good to breathe deep, give yourself a break and remember how important self-care is.

The therapists at Stenzel Clinical wrote down some of their favorite self-care reminders, and we filmed the results.… Read the rest →

What To Expect When Your Child Goes To Therapy

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If you think your child might need a therapist, you may have hesitated in the past because you weren’t sure exactly what to expect. So we wanted to create a video that takes a look at what parents (and kids) can expect from their sessions.… Read the rest →

Understanding and Managing Anger

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If you find yourself getting angry more often than you’d like, there are steps you can take to deal with this common emotion.

Bottom line: it’s okay to feel anger! We just need to make sure we aren’t harming others or ourselves because of it.… Read the rest →

Handling Conflict with Your In-Laws

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mother pointing finger at son-in-law as she took daughter's side when couple fighting

There’s an old joke that relates how Adam and Eve were the luckiest couple in the world, as neither of them had to deal with in-laws. But for better or for worse, when we choose our spouse, their parents are part of the deal.… Read the rest →

The Husband’s Bootcamp

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Becoming the ideal husband does not happen over night. It takes work. The Husband’s Bootcamp seminar was created to provide men with the tools to be a better husband, leader, and man.

The seminar provides three hours of focused training with Grant Stenzel using the Bible in a way that men can understand.… Read the rest →