Hello! My name is Jeffery Elliott. I am eager to join you in working towards you living a more full and abundant life. I grew up in Colorado where I was a science teacher for several years, working with students, and enjoying my love of the outdoors! I graduated from Trinity International University with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling.

I see every person as a unique individual having purpose, value and unique gifts. I believe that in authentic and caring relationships, clients can grow in understanding how they might use these attributes to meet their goals and to grow towards being the kind of person they wish to be. I am skilled at working with clients where they are through intentional discussions and games. Sometimes I may help them to process previous emotional baggage, or build habits/skills to help them change their behaviors. I can also use focused discussions to help clients manage their thoughts, emotions and move towards the person that they want to be. My approach lends itself to helping those struggling with emotional difficulties, developmental differences, relational difficulties, behavioral issues, and Teen/Adjustment issues. I also am excited to help individuals who wish to improve their lives through coaching, increasing their self-confidence, drawing closer to others, understanding their individuality, and gaining a greater understanding of themselves spiritually. While I approach my life through my own Judeo-Christian worldview, I am also willing to work with individuals coming from a diverse set of spiritual perspectives. I am excited to start our work together!